Spanish | Catalan

The main language of Espai de Dones website is catalan, so you'll find all its structure (menus, buttons, etc) in catalan.

The website contents, you'll find :
- contents in catalan. Ussually, local catalan contents and own contents.
- contents in spanish. Ussually, own contents about Spain or own contents related with APC and/or contents from associations and organisms from Spain or spanish speaking regions.
- contents in other laguages (english, french, italian, etc). ussually, contents from international organisms and asociations.

To make easier the acces to all of these contents here you have a list of language codes used in this website and some links to diferent translators.

Language codes:

interNOSTRUM: catalan, spanish.

Machine Translation: spanish, english, french, italian

Wordlingo: spanish, english, french, italian, portuguese

Opentrad: catalan, spanish, english, french

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